Saturday, 26 August 2017

Butterfly Birthday Card

Hello on Bank Holiday Weekend!
It's been a very busy couple of months for me - the busiest time of the year with weddings..
I love it, every minute of it, not just because it's my business. It is my hobby, too. However sometimes I feel like I need to stop for a day, and just do something different....
And guess what I do then? I make a card.
yes, I so love my hobby I cannot get away from it. I don't want to. And when I feel crafty, when I have an idea I just have to do it... Crafters life.
So here it is, my latest Birthday card.

You are probably thinking 'Wow. that's a nice Butterfly, is it a stamp? how did you make it?...etc'
Well, let me tell you, and you will be surprised.
I was shopping at Wilkos the other day, and saw a section with wallpapers.... I thought 'Oh, I might have a look for some inspirations, or even get a sample if I like something (for my crafts of course )... And there it was!! This wallpaper with huge sparkling butterflies. I saw people already helped themselves to some samples ( not only of this particular wallpaper but to some others too), so when I saw this beautiful butterfly I helped myself to it too. Please do not report me if I wasn't allowed!!!
So that's the story behind my todays card. I hope you like it - the card of course.

For the background I use Designer Series Paper from Stampin' Up!. Cannot find the exact name, something to do with love....
I drew a frame around the edges using a pink pen and added some pearl gems. There are also large pearl gems on the butterfly. I think the card doesn't need any more embellishment as the butterfly itself is quite rich in colours and glitter.
Inside there is a simple Birthday message:
Thank you for visiting my blog today...
have a great Bank Holiday Weekend
Mazzy xxx

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

How to make Harry Potter style Birthday Card

Hello and welcome
For whatever reason you are reading my blog post today I really hope you find what you are looking for - an inspiration or maybe an answer to a question.

I was asked, recently, if I could make a Harry Potter style birthday card. I love challenges so of course I said I would try. What you need to know is that I have absolutely no idea about Harry Potter series.... I have never seen any movies or read books about HP. But I thought I could make a card....
What do you think of it?

I would like to tell you exactly how I made this card so that you can try and make one yourself....
There is quite a lot of printing involved so you will need a good printer.
My card measures 10cm x 20cm
It's gate folded
and I made a matching box for it.
First, you will need to find Marauder's map online (Pinterest or Google)  I found one on Pinterest. It looks like this:
That's if you are making a card for personal use. Remember, if you are making something to list and sell you need to think of copyrights.... Not going to tell you about it in my post, to much to you need to make your own research.
I printed it on one side of my card. Then cut out my desired length 20cm x 20cm.Then scored and folded the sides.
Next, some more printing. I used the Marauder's Map again, but only printed this:
again, I cut it to my desire length, about 9.5cm x 19.5cm, and I cut it in half lengthwise.
Then I distressed the edges using scissors. I also distressed them with brown ink (vintage sepia to be exact) and a sponge - mini blending tool .I actualy used the blending tool to distressed all the edges of my card.
This is how the card looks at the back, you can see the Marauder's map, and on the folding 'gates'  I have already attached the picture above.

The inside, again, you can find different pages all over the internet - Pinterest, esty, google.... so many options for a Harry Potter style pages. I used one with Hogwarts logo at the top.
Again, I disteressed the edges first with scissors then with ink. It all made it look more vintage, more old, more Harry Potter ish....

The next bit I am going to make easy for you. I spent some time designing it so that you don't have to. I created this HP quote in Harry Potter's  font...
here is the file in PDF format you can download for your personal use only.
Harry Potter Printable Quote PDF

This is just a quick look at the quote. It's printed black on a white background. If you wish, you can distress the edges yourself.

Now find some more printables.... I googled this one under, I think, Harry Potter printable potion labels. There are lots of them.... Anyway I chose one I liked, opened it in MsPublisher (programme I use for everything) and I added a 'Happy Birthday Muggle' in the middle of my chosen label (I am assuming you know how to create a text etc,). Then I printed it and cut it out.

The labels looked like this:

Next thing, last one here, is the potion bottle.
You can find them mini bottles for crafts anywhere really. Ebay, amazon, online craft supply shops...they are pretty cheap.
here is the link that shows you how to make the label.
Job done. well, almost.
Now glue everything together,
Choose a string or a ribbon, attach the label and the potion bottle and you are done!!
If you wish, you can decorate a box to match the card. I recommend to keep the card in the box rather than an envelope. It will fit better and keep the card safe.
 Here is my box:

I hope my instructions on how to make Harry Potter style Birthday card were clear enough. If you have any questions, need more help with finding things etc please do leave me a comment and I will get back to you.
I would also like to know what you think of my card!!????
I haven't really seen any handmade cards like this one anywhere...and I did look around!!
So if you made one yourself, please do share!!
Thanks a lot for visiting my blog!

Thursday, 22 June 2017

Vintage style Victorian Birthday Card

Hello after a long break!!!

This is the busiest time of the year for me, trying to make and post all those wedding stationery on time... Nobody wants to mess with brides to be, do they!
However, the hot weather forced me to have a little break. Nobody can work properly in this heat. Even those who work from me. So having a little break from my orders I had a crafty mojo and had to turn a picture in my mind into reality. Within a couple of hours I created this card.

You might think - what? a couple of hours to do that? But if you are a crafter like me, you know that sometimes to turn your idea onto a card or anything else it might  take days sometimes, even weeks!!!!
Anyway, my idea was to create a vintage style birthday card, didn't think it would turn out Victorian looking card. But I love the result.
So how did I make it? Very easy ( I know, I always say that everything I made was easy to do)
First, I distressed the edges of my card base. I used Tip Top taupe ink from Stampin' Up! and mini blending tool. this particular colour coordinates well with the designer paper and embellishments I chose for this card.

 Next I distressed edges of  the designer papers. You can use a special tool to do that but I used my scissors. be careful when you use the scissors not to cut yourself!!
I ripped the paper a little bit on the edges to give it a bit more of a vintage look.

Next I just glued everything together. Sorry forgot to take some more pictures on the way. I added a few embellishments like a lace, paper roses, satin ribbon bow, antique embellishment, wooden frame, pearl gems... You will find a list of most of the products I used and some links to the shops where you can get them from at the bottom of this post.

You know I am obsessed with vintage style crafts, and I don't think this will ever change.
I Looove this card!!! It is so elegant. I am sure the person that gets it will be delighted!!

Now making a box for this card. Not sure yet if it will be a matching box or just a plain one....will see.

I would like to enter my card into a 'Ten Wyjatkowy dzien' challenge at

I am also entering my card into ANYTHING GOES challenge at

And one more ANYTHING GOES  challenge I am entering my card into at Crafting With An Attitude

one more challenge I am entering my card in is Anything Goes at Scrap & Craft

I really hope you like this card. Maybe you would like to make one like this yourself!!
Here are some of the products I used and links to the shops:
- Tip Top taupe Ink pad - Stampin' Up!
- Jayne antique embellishment and pearl gems  from Imagine DIY
- Mirror frame (chipboard); Studio 75- Mr&Mrs Black 12x12 Paper Pad from Love To Craft & Create

Thank you so much for visiting my blog. I hope you like my new creation!
have a lovely Thursday
Mazzy xx

Monday, 16 January 2017

How to make a vintage inspired elegant gift bag


And welcome to 2017!!!
Hope you all had a fantastic end of the year 2016
Are you Ready to rock 2017??

I am. lots of plans and ideas for this year so watch the space.

Today, I have a video tutorial for you on how to make an elegant gift bag.
I obviously had to add a vintage accent to know, just couldn't resist
I hope you like my bags!

(PL) Witam serdecznie na moim blogu w Roku 2017!! Mam nadzieje ze milo spedziliscie koniec zeszlego Roku I juz podbijacie rok 2017! Ja tak. Mam duzo planow I pomyslow o ktorych na pewno uslyszycie na moim blogu I stronie FB.

Dzisiaj na blogu nowy pomysl - tutorial - jak zrobic torebeczke na prezent. Oczywiscie jak to ja musialam dodac akcenty vintage. Mam nadzieje ze sie wam torebeczki spodobaja!

So what did I use to make these bags:

- PAPER A4 size. You can use double-sided or plain paper but make sure it's not too thick... Mine was about 160gsm thick. I used brown recycled paper 160gsm, patterned paper, and lightly textured plain green paper
- lace and ribbon. you place it round the top of the bag and make a bow. That will keep the bag closed. To open the bag you just slide the bow off the bag and then you can easily slide it back on.
- embellishments of any kind - I used antique embellishments and selfadhesive pearl gems (stripes), you can also use cabochons and any other gems  etc
- border stamp, embossing powder (copper), heat tool (for heat embossing), clear embossing stamp pad

(PL) Ok, oto czego uzylam do zrobienia moich  torebeczek:
- papier A4, grubosc okolo 160gsm wiec nie za gruby. Uzylam brazowego papieru z odzysku, papieru wzorzystego, oraz papieru teksturowanego (?)
- koronka I wstazka - zawiazalam ja w kokardke dookola torebki na gorze dzieki czemu zamkniecie sie trzyma. Aby otworzyc torebke zsuwam kokardke do gory, a pzniej mozna ja latwo wsunac spowrotem na torebke.
- ozdoby - ja uzylam antyczne ozdoby , mozna uzyc jakichjkolwiek ozdob, kamienie, kabaszony....
- stemple, puder do embossingu, urzadzenie do embossingu (heat tool) I czysty tusz
(sorki nie jestem najlepsza w tlumaczeniu tych wszystkich nazw na Polski)

Now, how did I make this bag? Well, here is the video tutorial.... I hope its easy to follow

(PL) ponizej zamiescilam filmik z tutorialem.

Here are the measurements for scoring the lines :
with the long side at the  top I scored the lines at: 2", 5 1/2", 7 1/2", 11"  (5.1cm, 14cm, 19.1cm, 28cm)
with the short at the top I scored the lines at 2" & 7"  (5.1cm, 17.8cm)

(PL)  Oto video tutorial jak zrobilam moje torebeczki.
A tutaj wymiary - gdzie zrobic linie w inch I w cm
z dlugim brzegiem u gory zrob linie 2", 5 1/2", 7 1/2", 11"  (5.1cm, 14cm, 19.1cm, 28cm)
z krotszym brzegiem u gory, zrob linie 2" & 7"  (5.1cm, 17.8cm)

below is the picture of what I used to stamp and emboss the lace border on thegreen bag.

(PL) Ponizej na zdjeciu zamiescilam wszystko to co uzylam do zrobienia ozdobnej koronki
 na zielonej torebce.

And here is one of the bags again. For this one I used white embossing powder and
 selfadhesive pearl gems (stripes)
(PL) A ponizej jedna z torebeczek. Do jej wykonczenia uzylam bialego pudru do embossingu I perelek samoprzylepnych.
each of these bags looks gorgeous and it would make a perfect wedding favour especially if you are planning on making them yourselves. So easy to do.
I really hope you like my bags and the video tutorial. Please feel free to leave me a comment, I would love to know what you think.
Do not forget to visit and like my Facebook Page for the latest updates, projects and giveaways.
(PL) kazda z tych torebeczek slicznie sie prezentuje. Super pomysl na prezent np. dla gosci weselnych, szczegolnie jesli planujecie zrobic takie torebeczki sami poniewaz sa na prawde proste do wykonania.
mam nadzieje ze podobaja sie Wam moje torebeczki I tutorial. jesli macie jakies pytania to zostawcie w komentarzu. Ciekawa jestem co myslicie....
Zapraszam do odwiedzenia I polubienia mojej stronki na Facebook
Thanks. Mazzy

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