My printable Alice in Wonderland digital papers

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Today, again or unfortunately :P I wanted to show you another Alice themed art designed by myself.
This time though I would like to share with you my PRINTABLE files. Recently I have been really into digital designs, which you can find on my FB page as well as in my ETSY shop

For those of you who don't know what printables are - they are digital files, graphic design, pictures...that you can download to your computer and print yourself. 

Why are printables so awesome? 

Because they are instant. You don't have to wait for them to come in the post etc. You download them straight away and use them.

Also, they can save you money. Imagine you need 100 copies of a print that you like. To pay someone to print them for you and post might cost you more than actually buying the digital file and printing it yourself as many times as you want!

Ok. My first printable files are:

1. Vintage Alice in Wonderland scrapbook papers

This is a set of 12 files, each at high resolution - 300dpi. Each page is 8"x8", but you can easily re-size them on your computer. These printables are in vintage style, with distressed edges and old paper background, featuring Alice in Wonderland characters on each page. 
They are available to purchase in my ETSY shop. This is an instant download - so you will be able to use the pages straight away. They are perfect for scrapbooking, journaling, cards...

2. Alice in Wonderland junk journal pages

Another printables in the Alice theme available in my ETSY shop as digital files. They are small size A6, and apart from 8 beautiful pages you will also get sentiments page, and a bookmarks page - you can cut those out and use as well. They are in a black & white theme with a splash of color. And as I love everything lace, I have included it in most of the cards. 

Take a closer look at the pages and extras. What do you think? Can you see yourself using them to create some unique greeting cards maybe?

3. 4 large Alice In Wonderland cards black, red & white

These are beautiful printable cards with bold striking colours. They definitely draw attention. These files are 8"x8" but as all my printable files, you can change their size easily once downloaded onto your computer.

4. Eat Me & Drink Me tags 

Now you can print your own EAT ME & DRINK ME tags. All you need is scissors, a hole puncher, and a ribbon. TADAA. Each A4 page has 10 tags. If you happen to have a fancy corner puncher you can decorate the tags just like in the picture below.

There is another Alice themed printable I am working on at the moment. something I have been asked about many times but never really had time to design it.

Here is a sneak peek at my new design - Vintage Alice in Wonderland bottle tags. 


Apart from the vintage Drink Me tag, I also designed a couple of colorful Alice bottle tags, so keep an eye on my FB page and Instagram

I am sure I will be designing more digital Alice in Wonderland pages, 

Some of my printable designs are/will be also available to buy as finished products - I print them out, cut, and decorate for you. 

If you are looking for a unique design but cannot find it anywhere please get in touch. :)

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keep an eye on my blog as I might be posting some Alice printable FREEBIES soon 

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